REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory S06E21 'The Closure Alternative'

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This week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, 'The Closure Alternative', had 3 different story-lines running simultaneously.

In one story Sheldon is disappointed to learn that the television show Alphas has been cancelled, with the last season ending in a cliffhanger. Unable to go on without knowing what was supposed to happen next, Sheldon resolves to get the show renewed. Amy is concerned with his inability to deal without resolution, and sets out to alter his mindset by stopping him short of completing many simple tasks (e.g. blowing out birthday candles, singing the national anthem).

It was quite entertaining to see Amy taking on Sheldon and his quirky behaviours, as well as how Sheldon tried to deal without resolution. However some of the comments made by Sheldon about Amy were quite harsh. As much as Amy seems to idolise Sheldon, I hope that she snaps out of it soon and ask that he treat her with more respect. I'm assuming they're building towards some big Shamy (Sheldon + Amy) drama because this has been a running theme throughout many episodes of this season.

In the second story Leonard tries to get Penny interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in an attempt to get them to bond. Penny is not impressed and Leonard is disappointed. Penny worries that she is not passionate about anything in the same way Leonard is about so many things (e.g. science, comic books, sci-fi, etc.). Penny then has an "epiphany", realising she is passionate about Leonard.

It was a nice 'aww' moment when Penny confessed that she is passionate about Leonard, but this came off as kind of false when Leonard asked whether that meant she will do more 'geeky' things with him (e.g. dressing up and going to comic-con), and she replied in the negative. I know she does not have to change who she is to make Leonard happy, but it would be nice if she were to meet him halfway more often (Leonard certainly has for her!).

Meanwhile, Raj discovers Lucy's blog and is surprised to find that she called him "feminine". Thinking this is a bad thing, Raj invites Lucy over and goes out of his way to appear 'masculine' (e.g. wearing a hockey jersey, feigning an interest in sports). Lucy asks why Raj is acting so weird, and he confesses to reading her blog. Lucy explains that being 'feminine' in some ways is not a bad thing for Raj to be, and that's part of the reason she likes him. Satisfied, Raj starts acting normally again.

Throughout the series many allusions have been made to Raj's 'feminine' characteristics, as well as suggestions that Raj may be homosexual. So often in the land of TV, men who display feminine characteristics are stereotyped as homosexual (which is problematic for many reasons). Therefore it was refreshing to see that although Raj may have some feminine attributes, this does not mean he is a homosexual, and nor will these attributes hamper his chances of forming a heterosexual relationship.

Overall this was a nice episode of The Big Bang Theory, and I am looking forward to what they are building to in the season finale.

Review by Heather Bale.


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