REVIEW - Bates Motel S01E02

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After some incredible ratings from its premiere Bates Motel is back and this week cements itself as a true stayer in the drama/horror television show. The murder investigation continues from last week while some new characters are introduce to threaten the mother/daughter relationship between Norma and Norman.

Turns out that Norma had a son from a previous marriage Dylan Bates (Max Theriot) who adds some much needed eye candy to the show, and while his relationship with Norma is barely there it is a great contrast to really show the closeness between Norma and Norman.

Norman is starting to become really creepy, this is shown through Norman getting changed in front of Norman and it is weirdly awkward and uncomfortable. Norman gets into constant fights with Dylan over his lack of respect for Norma and is a great insight into the psyche of Norman Bates.

Highmore has still got a few acting lessons to get through to fully make the character believable but he is getting there. Theriot is a refreshing contrast as Dylan providing the scorn son with a secret. An odd addition is a side story consisting of a love story between Norma and the deputy police officer who reveals that there is more to this town than meets the eye. There is no industry but everyone drives expensive cars.

One of my favourite things is the showing of Hitchcock films and TV constantly shown in the background, it is such an epically amazing touch. This show is shaping up to be one of cable's hottest shows this year. If you haven't already make sure you catch up on this not to be missed!


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