REVIEW - 90210 - S05E19

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So with the 90210 finale insights, it is hard to make out how this could all end. Ade has gone back to her old ways of causing drama while Silver decides to date Annie/Naomi’s brother Mark after Ade broke off their friendship (due to Silver breaking their pact to stay away from Mark). Last week in “Fifty Shades of Annie,” Naomi uncovered that the new upcoming author X was Annie all along and that the book was based on real events of their lives including Annie working as an escort (which was new information for some of her friends and brother, Dixon who didn’t take the news so pleasantly). Patrick who was mentioned in the book turns up on Annie’s door step furious about his name being mentioned and claimed it could ruin his family, while threatening Annie to harm hers.

Liam and Navid are up to their old games of trying to start up a surfboard business and seek out someone to represent them. Michaela (Silver’s surrogate) has been spending a lot of time with Dixon but came out last week that she has feelings for Navid. To make things awkward, Ade and Navid slept together and she goes out of her way to help Michaela write a song for a music competition. A love song to be precise and it’s about Navid.

As for Naomi she is determined to snatch up Jordan (the new love interest) but she has get past his mother, the judge first….While Mark tries to help out Naomi by auctioning his cooking services off to raise money at a charity event to impress Jordan’s mother.

Sex Scandals and The City” had its ups and downs. It’s frustrating to see that every relationship just gets ruined, why can’t Annie and Liam just get together already? However, it is great to see Naomi standing up for herself and Dixon actually stepped in to protect Annie from Patrick. It was also cool to see the girls in Manhattan all dressed up making references to Sex and the city, could Annie be the next Carrie Bradshaw? Who knows…

Olly Murs also made a guest star appearance and performed his two hit songs ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Army Of Two’. Looking forward to next week’s episode, I can see a possible cat fight in the near future.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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