REVIEW Bates Motel S01E03

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Continuing on from last week this episode shows the Lost creators influence, the town has a secret and it seems that this season will be spent attempting to discover just what that is. Norman is still obsessing over the book he found in a motel room full of hidden messages and strange drawings. People in the town are being burned alive and put into coma's it is all a bit strange but if feels like it will all come together further down the track.

Something that I haven't really said in my reviews before is how well this show is being shot with cameras. Each angle and scene is cleverly and carefully shot to perfection. This is something that has been done deliberately and beautifully, it is something that I personally feel Hitchcock would be proud of.

Highmore is getting better and better with every episode and finally third time is really starting to become this crazy, obsessed character that has defined cinema for so long. The way he walks down stairs, gets dressed, talks to his mother and interacts with other girls at his school, it is going to be a major buzz come emmy season and is bordering on American Horror Story greatness.

The police finally get a warrant to search Bates Motel in connection with the disappearance of Guy and they find his belt that Norman has kept under his bed. It seems that the hotel rooms are going to be hiding secrets and Norman is going to head up the investigation finding out what is happening in this town.


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