REVIEW - Glee S04E18

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This week’s episode of Glee was a real dark one and different to the usual show filled with happy musical numbers. Episode 18 focus on the drama for once and Ryan Murphy had the students of Mckinely High face the reality of gun violence in American schools.

The episode began with Mr Shue announcing the competitors for regionals and Brittany claimed an asteroid was coming towards the earth to kill them all. She says “hide your kids, Hide your wife and hide your wife.”

Mr Shue took this opportunity to use the idea for Glee Club to get in touch with their feelings and sing their last song ever?

Ryder is in love more than ever with an anonymous girl he has been chatting with online and believes he saw walking down the hall while he was in class. Ryder puts together a romantic piece and sweeps the girl (Marissa) off her feet only to find out she was not the one he has been searching for.
Brittany is in a bit of a predicament as she wants to show her affections towards Lord Tubbington (her cat) and Sam suggests they do a song with the club for him. While Coach Beast has a little confession she wants to share with Mr Shue and Becky tells Brittany that she’s not ready to leave high school just yet.

From then on the episode turns sour as gun shots are let off in the school and the Glee Club is trapped in the choir room. It is the most intense episode of Glee that will make you tear up and fear for the safety of all the lovable students in Mckinely. “Shooting Star” also has a brilliant twist and includes classic songs like Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ and Elton John’s ‘Your Song’.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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