REVIEW - New Girl S2E14-16

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FINALLY something has happened between Jess and Nick, after watching a whole first season of the writers suggesting that there is something more going on.

Nick is the kind of friend that can get protective which was evident when he began to stalk a guy in Jess’s writing class who he believed was a serial killer out to get Jess next. Than in the next episode the guys (who are all single now) decided they needed to get laid. Winston had lost all confidence to talk to single women, while Nick and Schmidt fought over a hot woman who gets turned on by others misery. As the night went on and the gang played their favourite drinking game in hopes to get lucky. Jess aka. Nick’s cooler (a person who seems to ruin your chances with a new conquest) gets into a predicament when she is chosen to kiss Nick. Stuck behind a door, Jess and Nick avoid it. Nick even climbs out of the window to get out of the room but in the end they finally kissed. A breath-taking kiss that was much needed since all the tension was probably building up.

After the incident, Jess lays horrified next to her boyfriend Sam while Nick also can’t sleep. For the rest of the day, Nick does everything to avoid seeing Jess and awkwardly moon-walks away from her several times. Cece who is still on the hunt for an Indian husband is going to an Indian dating convention and brings Jess along. Schmidt knows about it decides that he too will be attending with Winston and Nick, while they embrace their inner Indian.

A very touching moment was when Schmidt looks over to find Cece sitting alone unapproached by potential husbands. Schmidt takes over the microphone and gives a speech about how stupid India is because they have not noticed beautiful Cece sitting there.

Back to Jess and Nick, it may have been a kiss that made them travel through time and space but everyone knows you can’t simply date your room-mate. It’s complicated and as you will see from this episode, they don’t really know how to handle this kind of situation. Elsewhere, Winston gets his mojo back and Schmidt seduces the love of his life Cece.

New Girl has come a long way, by tugging at the heart strings and making us laugh at the same time. The show just keeps getting better.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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