REVIEW - Community S04 E01

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The wait is over Greendale fans! Community is finally back after an extended hiatus and some shuffling around with the creative team (kicking its shows creator out!) the show that pushes the limits on entertainment and has filled us so much pop culture geekery is here, and the good news is it is better than ever!

I for one was a little concerned about how the show would fare after the departure of the show's creator Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase. Fortunately not only was it hilariously funny, it was also rich in story and dare I say better a lot better than season 3 ever was.

The show starts with a look into Abed's world (Abed TV) the happy place in his mind were all the characters from community all go to college together and are happy. In reality it is senior year for our Greendale students and they are getting ready to live their last year in college.

The reunion of all our favourite characters is absolutely bitter sweet as they join together for their last history class titled The History Of Ice Cream in which Jeff has been saving seats for his study group as the class is overfull and it's first come first served.

After a mix up with some counterfeit class timetables our favourite Dean Pelton enforces the Hunger Deans were students must duke it out to win red balls that will gain them access to the class. After the rest of the study group learn that Jeff only wanted them to take the class so he could graduate after the first semester due to taking classes online they ditch him and leave him to compete alone.

The show seems to be shifting a focus more towards the dean which is a brilliant move, he has always been one of the most underused characters in the show and while it could risk getting stale, the episode showed that there is still plenty of life and humour left in this show to keep it going.

Abed is still one of the highlights with flashes to his mindset about what he wants to be happening instead of what is, Greendale Babies was one of the most unexpected and hilarious skits I have seen in a while (I won't spoil it!) and the finale of Changnesia was a welcome delight at the end of the credits.

The wait has been long and agonizing but after some retooling and emphasis on some different characters it seems that Community is back in fighting form, and with high ratings hopefully we will see this continue and receive a full season order.

Review by Alaisdair Arrow Dewar


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