REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory S06E17 ‘The Monster Isolation'

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This weeks episode of The Big Bang Theory, 'The Monster Isolation,' picks up where last weeks episode left off, with Raj going out for coffee with Kate Micucci's character, Lucy. 

Lucy excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and Raj says aloud that he thinks their date is going well. We then see Lucy go past the window in the background, having snuck out the back.

Bernadette, Howard and Leonard go in search of Raj, not having seen or heard from him in days, and are alarmed to find him unkempt and depressed. They ask what happened, and Raj tells them about his disastrous date. He says that he is never going to leave his apartment again.

Howard, Leonard and Sheldon are at the comic book store, when Lucy comes in looking for Raj, a note for him in hand. Howard agrees to take the note to Raj for her. When Howard visits Raj, he finds both Raj and his apartment in a worse state than before. Raj does not want Lucy's note (which contains her phone number), and says he still wants to stay inside forever. Howard leaves, and Raj comes chasing after him (in his underwear), having changed his mind.

Raj calls Lucy, and she drops by his apartment to apologise for leaving during their date. Raj asks why she left, and Lucy confesses that she is "broken" and does not want Raj wasting his time with her. Raj tells Lucy that he is broken too, and convinces her to go out with him again.

I'm really glad that Lucy came back (and it looks like she will be back at least once more as well!), and cannot wait until next weeks episode to see how their date pans out. What did you think? Are you glad Lucy came back, and would you like to see more of her, or would you rather Raj find someone else/remain single?

Meanwhile, Sheldon asks Penny to star in his latest episode of 'Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags', and she gives him some good advice about his body language on camera. Amy tells Sheldon that he has to thank Penny for her help. Flattered, Penny asks Sheldon to attend a play she is starring in later that week. 

The second storyline this week could not compare with the Raj/Lucy one, but it was good to see Penny in another acting role. Of course not every actor can 'make it', but it's always nice to see Penny doing something different. What would you like to see Penny act in next, or do you think she should focus on school, or even find another job? Let me know in the comments below!

Review by Heather Bale.


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