REVIEW Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3

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That's right! Summer is nearly over and we all know what that means in TV land! The invasion of the Kardashian shows, and frankly it could not come soon enough. I have been drooling in anticipation over the next season of Kourtney and Kim after her marriage imploded and left her embarrassed and publicly humiliated.

So naturally all of us gossip hungry, guilty pleasure types (myself included) were waiting with baited breath for this and it has not disappointed so far!

The first 3 episodes sees the Kourtney & Kim returning to Miami to take inventory of their Dash store and give it a much needed facelift. Kourtney has her new daughter Penelope, Mason is a running toddler who is full of cheek and cuteness. Scott is noticeably missing from the trip and Khloe has come along to help the girls settle in and personally check on the store.

Checking into the hotel Kim receives a white kitten from her current boyfriend Kanye West who she is instantly attached to and is a source of entertainment for Mason. Meanwhile at the store things are not looking too good at all, the shelves and racks are a mess, the back room is over-crowded, rubbish in the changing rooms, so the girls set the staff to work cleaning the store and getting it back to how it should look.

Kim received call after call from her divorce attorney with her current husband of a year and half now unwilling to budge and reach a settlement, Khloe is trying to force Kim to talk about how she is feeling about the divorce and get more off her chest. A confrontation shows that Kim has fully moved on from Kris Humphries and is completely in love with Kanye (anyone else noticing all the K's in the world?)

Kim and Khloe notice that Kourtney is struggling with the two toddlers and no support so they convince Scott to surprise her and stay and help out with the children. Not too impressed by the surprise Kourtney accepts the help and tries to sort out a system so Scott doesn't fly off the rails again, like every other time in Miami.

Khloe and Kim decide it is time to have a good night out and start a party in the hotel room which then becomes too rowdy, Scott doesnt want them to wake the children and offers to drive them to a pizza place to get them out of the hotel. The girls are heavily intoxicated and start shopping for YOLO clothes and meet up with family friend Jonathan to take the girls and leave Scott to go home.

The first few episodes show us just why we love to hate these girls, they are talented, funny and exciting to watch on tv. If you love yourself some Kardashian goodness definitely check this out!

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3 airs Sunday nights on the E!Network

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar


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