REVIEW - The Lying Game S02 E02-E04

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I was angry at ABC Family for cancelling Jane By Design and keeping this, but after the first 4 episodes I can honestly say this is a lot more addictive and with a storyline that keeps getting bigger and bigger, it really is one of the most mature shows on ABC Family.

Jordan reveals himself as Rebecca's stepson from her previous marriage so the affair he had with Maddie is now a little weird that they are sort of related? I don't get this storyline but oh well I will roll with it for the time being.

Sutton and Rebecca learn that Alec is close to being let out of prison due to a new piece of evidence that Thayer found in their house proving that the phone call to hire the maid was made in Arizona and Alec was playing golf with his son on this day.

Upon his release he returns to Rebecca and takes her on their honeymoon to the cabin were Sutton is hiding out. The two are testing each other to see if the other is suspicious, after all is clear they return home.

Emma and Sutton play a game of tennis to determine who is the better tennis player to compete in the upcoming regionals, after Sutton wins, the two switch places and Emma moves back into the cabin to retreat until regionals is over. Little does she know that Sutton is scheming with Rebecca to keep Ted and Kristin apart as much as she can.

A moving family therapy session and awards ceremony see's Sutton see a different side to Kristin and change her position on the scheming.

The storyline just keeps evolving and the constant threat of the exposure of the twins keeps the show moving along.

If you haven't started watching this show yet, jump in and see if you can catch up, if not definitely get your hands on season 1 and watch one of ABC Family's best show on offer.

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar


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