REVIEW - 90210 - S05E12-13

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To get everyone up to date: Annie was shot by Liam’s obsessed body guard, Adrianna is now Dixon’s ex but is stuck representing the record company, while Naomi and Max have decided to call the quits on their marriage. Silver is still very determined to get pregnant and Liam has anger issues.

Picking up from last week’s episode which was horribly depressing due to all the broken hearts, including Riley (Annie’s new boyfriend dying) and Max deciding he wants to go back to school, leaving Naomi behind. As the most ‘successful’ is the recent season, it’s sad to see Max give up so easily on love. For this week, the couple had to come together as ‘friends only’ and put on a show at the new charity event Naomi is organising. Using all her seductive skills, Naomi is determined not to let Max go and one night successfully gets him to sleep with her. Although, Max turns to her and explains that it ‘meant’ nothing. Trying to hide her reaction to this answer, Naomi goes as his partner and has a little break down during the science presentation.

Liam on the other hand may not be fighting with someone in particular but seems to fighting with his self. Since he was kidnapped, Liam has been aggressive and paranoid. He was kicked out of his gym for knocking a guy out and also started some kind of ‘fight club’ scenario which helped Navid and him get into a prestige club for guys. A movie director approaches Liam with a proposal to play the lead for her new film based around a football player but just needs to see him in action. During Naomi’s charity, Liam plays football as a celebrity guest and impressed by skills, he is offered the movie role. The crowd and paparazzi gets more intense for Liam after he wins the game and he doesn’t seem to cope with all the attention.

Navid is trying to keep his new friends from the club entertained and takes them out for night. To impress them, he tries to pick up a beautiful girl at the bar who he later gets to know a bit better and sleeps with her.

Adrianna will do almost anything to get out of her contract with Dixon, including chucking a ‘Lohan’ and stealing at a retail store. However, she has underestimated how many connections Dixon has and he makes the incident go away but Ad is still angry about the humiliation she endured at the toddler pageant (she discovered that Dixon was funding money to help his new girlfriend but it back fired). When Silver complains about not knowing the surrogate that Teddy has chosen to have their child, Adrianna offers to have the baby. When Adrianna goes on stage dressed inappropriately and singing horribly, she loses her chance to sign with a new record company.

The best part of this episode is you got to see the girls finally just hanging out and talking about their problems. For some time it felt like they all lived in different worlds and can someone please finally have a successful relationship that does not end in tragedy?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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