Flashback February, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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I remember running home from school and immediately plonking myself down in front of the television. I would sigh to myself at having managed to finish yet another day in prison and what would greet me? Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Yes, ladies and germs it’s the 90’s and a simpler time. A time when we could all enjoy a light-hearted quip from a teenager and a surreptitious witch just trying to make her way in the world, dammit!

Although, the screenplay wasn’t the most sophisticated writing I have ever encountered, there was something to be said about never-ending entertainment. Of course, lasting entertainment was something the show could never faulted on. Sabrina lasted seven seasons and not too mention the movies it spawned – Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sabrina Goes To Rome, and Sabrina, Down Under. She certainly got around, I mean she is a witch after all.

Despite a few cheaps jokes here and there, I’m sure many people have just as good memories as I do of this classic.

The show debuted in 1996 and we where first introduced to the character Sabrina played Mellissa Joan Hart, her aunts Hilda and Zelda played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Rhoderick and her talking cat Salem. Is it just me or does it seem like a quintessential American TV family has to have a talking animal to be successful?

Sabrina was an average American teenager just to trying to get through high school and encountering witch-based mishaps along the way. I must admit that, had I not been introduced to this show as a child, I might not have such fond memories of it as it doesn’t seem like a show written for someone in their 20’s.

All the same, Sabrina is a show with charm (and spells – that’s right, bad puns in true Sabrina style) and I believe it will be remembered that way.

Review by Jemma Nott


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