REVIEW - The Carrie Diaries S01E03

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Carrie's voice-over of the episode "Let's face it. Life is easier if you read the labels. Like, do not put in dryer. Expiration date: 1 week ago. Everything we wear, everything we eat, they all have labels. They same is true for everyone we know. Stoner. Class Clown. Well-meaning but ultimately clueless class counselor. And, the boy of my dreams."

Is it just me or is this show just getting better and better? I admit I wasn't a HUGE fan of it when it started, but now I am completely addicted and hooked on the storyline so if it does get cancelled oh lordy I am gonna be pissed!

In episode 3 Carrie is still reeling from the news that she cannot see Sebastian by orders from her father, so she is going to have to do some investigative work to find out exactly why. We find out that Mr Bradshaw is a lawyer and that Sebastian is one of his cases.

I don't want to give too much away but it is quite a scandalous secret as to why Carrie cannot see him and when Carrie finds out what it is, her feelings put a distance between them.

This is the first episode where things get a little racy, a lot racy actually, Carrie and Mouse visit a gallery opening in the City were a performer is sitting on a chair and people pay a penny for her to show them her vagina. It is the kind of weird and kooky thing you would probably see in New York.

Carrie stands out to the artist and she commands Carrie to claim her vagina as her own and never to let a man run it. It is highly amusing, and because we know the end result in Sex & The City it just adds to effect.

Meanwhile back at home her sister Dorrit stole a hamster from a pet store and longs to have a pet that her mother promised her before she died. Mr Bradshaw's parenting is come into question a few times in the episode and the family values really stand out in this show, something that I did not expect from it.

Overall this show keeps building and building and it is becoming just as addictive as Gossip Girl did (when it first came out!) Save room in your heart for The Carrie Diaries!


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