REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory S06E15 ‘The Spolier Alert Segmentation’

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This weeks episode of The Big Bang Theory is all about changing roommates (and the hazards of doing so!)

Leonard and Sheldon get into an argument, and Leonard decides to move out and live with Penny instead. Penny is clearly shocked and uncomfortable with this idea, but after Leonard presents a line of well-reasoned arguments, Penny cannot think of anything to say that will not hurt Leonard’s feelings and goes along with it.

Amy, upon hearing that Sheldon is looking for a new roommate, suggests she move in with him. This time it is Amy who presents a line of well-reasoned arguments that Sheldon cannot argue against.

Although it would have been interesting to see Sheldon and Amy living together (Leonard and Penny not so much - I still don't know how their relationship is going to work out this time around...), all is put right in their world when Sheldon tells Amy, and Penny tells Leonard, that they are not ready/do not want to live with the other just yet, and everyone returns to their respective apartments (although Amy does threaten to move in with a startled Penny to teach the guys a lesson).

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are going away for the weekend, and Howard asks Raj to look in on his mother as she has been feeling lonely ever since Howard moved out. Raj does, and is quickly guilted into staying for dinner. Before he realises what is happening, Mrs Wolowitz is treating Raj as a substitute for her own son, and will not let him leave/escape.

This storyline is pretty unremarkable except for the fact that we see a few fleeting glimpses of the elusive Mrs Wolowitz for the first time. Although we have heard plenty about Mrs Wolowitz, and heard her shouting, we have never seen her. In this episode Mrs Wolowitz flits past a doorway with her back to it a couple of times, and later her arms are shown as she pulls Raj back through the window he was trying to escape through.

I do not know whether they are planning on doing a big reveal of Mrs Wolowitz at some point, or just teasing the audience. I am not sure how I feel about this; I always assumed they would keep her the same as Maris in Frasier - always talked about and described, but never shown. What do you think - are they just teasing the audience, or planning on showing Howard’s mother? Do you want to see Howard’s mother? We will have to keep watching to see how all this pans out!

Review by Heather Bale.


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