REVIEW - Futurama - S07E25 - ‘Stench and Stenchibility’

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In this week’s episode of Futurama we meet the long-awaited girlfriend of Doctor Zoidberg, and watch as Bender pursues his new life-long dream of becoming the world’s greatest tap-dancer. There are laughs and ‘heart-breaking’ moments galore in the roller-coaster of emotion that is ‘Stench and Stenchibility’.

After Zoidberg’s video-girlfriend of four years finally meets him, she dumps him on the spot because of his overwhelming stench. Broken-hearted, Zoidberg tries to return the flowers he purchased for her to the florist, and this is where he meets Marianne (voiced by special guest star, Emilia Clarke). Marianne and Zoidberg are immediately attracted to one another, but Zoidberg does not understand why she likes him when most people run away from him and his smell. Marianne reveals she was born without a sense of smell (a florist without a sense of smell? Oh, the irony!), and Zoidberg feels sorry for her, but is secretly glad she is not repulsed by him like so many others. The Professor tells Zoidberg that there is a cure for Marianne’s condition in the form of a nose transplant. Zoidberg is torn: on the one claw, he knows Marianne would love to be able to smell the flowers that she sells, and just wants for her to be happy, but on the other, he knows that if she is able to smell him, she will no longer want to be with him. What should Zoidberg do? What will Zoidberg do?

Meanwhile, Bender is invited to participate in a tap-dancing contest, and will go to any lengths to secure his victory. The competition seems in the bag, until he meets Tonya, an adorable little girl with the mind of a monster. Will Tonya become Bender’s arch-nemesis or partner in crime? And who will win the tap-dancing competition?!

This episode was great, because, well, who doesn't love Zoidberg? It was nice to see poor, smelly, unlucky in love Zoidberg, finally get his chance at happiness. Other highlights from this episode were the return of more familiar faces (Randy, crazy Robert, and the breathy-voiced scientist/doctor - it seems they are trying to include all of the old characters in some way this season!), and the pure evilness of Bender (just when you think he’s as bad as can be, he does something worse). Only one episode to go now, and I can’t wait!

Review by Heather Bale.


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