REVIEW - Teen Wolf - S03E09

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After a couple of fairly disappointing episodes Teen Wolf is back on form this week. While it was far from perfect – the pacing issues from earlier episodes are still causing problems – “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” was exciting, emotionally gripping and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

This week darach was revealed, the Sheriff was brought in on all things supernatural (with terrible consequences) and we found out that Lydia is actually a banshee. This episode was action packed but still managed to fit in a couple of sweet emotional moments, that have been sorely lacking from previous episodes, including a surprisingly moving moment between Scott (Tyler Posey) and Lydia (Holland Roden).

It wasn’t particularly shocking to find out that Derek’s most recent romantic interest, Jennifer Blake, was actually the big bad dark druid but that wasn’t really a bad thing. Jennifer’s character always felt a little forced so it’s nice to know there is more too her than just a terrible cliché romance. Haley Webb played the reveal brilliantly, whoever the darach really is she’s a far cry from the bumbling English teacher Derek fell in love with.

Only time will tell how Jennifer’s secret will affect poor Derek Hale but does it really matter at this stage? There’s only so much manpain you can inflict on one character before it loses its impact. More troubling is the fact that when Jennifer fled the scene, after attempting to kill Lydia, she took the Sheriff with her. I think is speak for everyone when I say that killing the Sheriff is pretty much unforgivable.

There wasn’t anything particular interesting about this episode, the story and the way it was presented was simple but it was nice. Look I appreciate the way Teen Wolf has been experimenting with style and technique this season but sometimes it’s nice just to be able to focus on the characters emotional journey, something that this season seems to have forgotten at times.

Overall, this episode was Teen Wolf at it’s best – sexy, a little bit camp, kind of scary and super fun. Let’s see more of this and less flashbacks with unnecessary manpain from now on please.

Review by Yvonne Popplewell

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