REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E12

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The biggest ever to be revealed on Pretty Little Liars had fans everywhere screaming at their Television screen.
Starting with magic eight balls, then a tiny coffin with a Mona doll and a trick box with a saw, it was clear A was up to some of her/his own magic tricks this week. A has threatened to make Mona disappear for good. The Liars are afraid to have another find another body and so they have made it their mission to find Mona before A. Toby manages to track down Mona thanks to Shana.
Wren is no where to be in site yet Shana had been in his place packing up the rest of his stuff and sending them to Melissa Hastings address. What's with that? Did Melissa have your own plans to possibly protect Spencer and Wren was in on it? You just can't trust anyone anymore.
The A clues lead the liars to Ravenswood where a magic show is being held, Aria found herself in the show while Emily was the one caught in the disappearing act. This is when the episode really took off and we were all left in suspense as the Liars rescue Emily. Two red coats appear, Spencer chases after one and Aria fights the other. Those tips from Jake must have helped. Aria discovers one of the red coats to be Cece Drake who falls to her death only to disappear seconds later. Spencer followed the red coat to what seems to be the new A lair.
Allison is alive and is red coat from what the story is telling us but we had a feeling right? The creepy ex-sororiety mother Mrs Grunwell explains to the girls that Allison is hiding from A who had been stalking and harrassing her in the past. When Allison was buried alive, Mrs Grunwell knew Ali was in trouble came just in time to pull her out of the ground she was buried in and take her back to Ravenswood. That's where she was last seen.
The episode came to the end with another black hoodie revealed. Well from what we can tell so far, Ezr 'A' appears at A's new lair dressed in a hoodie and is obviously angry about something. Are the Liars hit on A's trail or Ezra in this case and thats why he is chucking a tantrum?
All this time Wilden has been portrayed as that creepy older guy who has a thing for younger girls but what if Ezra was seeing Ali. Just think about it, Ezra was in the first episode at the funeral so he must of had some connection to Ali and he most likey saw Aria as an opportunity to get closer to the girls. He clearly has a thing for young girls and might be "board shorts".
You never know Aria could be in on it too. So many thoughts.
Also we saw Caleb get on the bus to help out Hanna in Ravenswood but will most likely not be returning anytime soon as the spinoff begins in October.
What did you think of the summer finale? 
Review by Jessica Tisdell


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