REVIEW - Teen Wolf - S03E11

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This week’s episode was nowhere near as good as last week. The whole episode was a little all over the place but ignoring the confusing timeline and disappointing follow through are some of the best character moments of the season. It also saw some of the best performances of the season, the whole cast blew it out of the park.

Stiles, Allison and Isaac search for the missing parents, Scott comes to terms with his decision to join Deucalion and Derek pays a terrible price to save his sister Cora. Along the way Stiles and Lydia share an intimate moment, Peter continues his manipulation of Derek and Scott finds out about the flirtation between Allison and Isaac. The episode ends with Scott, Stiles and Allison making performing a dangerous ritual in order to save their parents. There is also a rather well done plot twist.

This episode suffered many of the same problems of early episodes; the timeline was confusing, the reasoning unsatisfactory and it failed to follow through on a number of the events of the previous episode. Last week, Scott’s decision to join the Alpha pack had seemed disastrous but this week there seemed to be very few consequences. Scott was able to save Ms Morrell, find out vital information and then leave the moment that his friends called for help. It was hardly the dire situation it was painted to be.

On the other side the search for the parents was beautifully done – with the exception of Chris Argent purposely getting himself caught without a plan for escape. Watching Stiles and Allison break down at the loss of their only parent was heartbreaking and Sheriff Stilinski’s emotional speech about his wife’s death was quite the tearjerker. At the same time Derek’s storyline still lacks emotional resonance because his sister Cora is little more than a two-dimensional plot device.

The best moment of the episode involved an astonishing realistic depiction of a panic attack followed by a sweet kiss between Stiles and Lydia. The scene was played beautifully by Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden with just the right amount of hope without pushing it too far. Surprisingly, while the moment had a hint of hope for something more it was more about cementing the friendship that has been building all season rather than romance. It was refreshing.

Realistically, at this stage there is no way that Teen Wolf can tie up all the loose ends left by this season. All I want out of the final is an exciting adventure focusing on the key friendships that have been the best part of this hit and miss of a season. If I get that, then I will probably be convinced to follow this show through into the next adventure.

Review by Yvonne Popplewell

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