Review - Burn Notice - S07E09

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This week's episode was full of tension and suspense as the audience tries to guess what will become of each of the character on the final episode, which is, sadly, only four episodes away.
There is lots of confusion surrounding James. He is the supposed 'bad guy' who Michael is trying to take down on behalf of the CIA. However, if you didn't know this, you would honestly think he was the good guy. So far, although he tortured Michael, which remains the only reminder of his potentiality, he has had Michael perform a number of seemingly moral missions, this week's being protecting a peace reformist.
Michael, Jesse, Sam and Fi are all in on the mission, making you feel all comfy and familiar...right before it is about to be ripped out from under you. The tension is high as the success of the mission is very questionable, and Fi's death seems imminent. Fi was left behind by the 'team leader' of the mission, and Michael will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.
The confusion sets in again as James 'punishes' the team leader for leaving Fi behind (a seemingly justified reason), however, his methods are more then questionable, to the point where even Michael tries do defend the team leader.
Michael’s mother even receives a personal visit from the elusive James, putting Maddie in a very bad state of mind as she more than freaks out about the idea of being watched, although, if you ask me, with Michael as her son, she should be a bit more used to it.
Overall, this episode was great in context of the seventh season, however, it seems the storyline is beginning to take over the awesomeness and brilliance of Michael's wit, making you miss Michael's little side missions from the previous seasons more than ever.
Review by Emma Laarkamp


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