REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E08

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I'm not going to lie, this episode of Burn Notice lacked the shock value that characterises the tv show. It revolved around Michael doing an assignment for 'James' – the new villain in town – in order to establish a relationship with him, as the CIA wants to take down the terrorist organisation, and James is the new way in.
Not much develops in this episode – Fiona is still rocky with Carlos, Maddie is still putting all of her time into little Charlie, Jesse is again attacked from behind, and Sam is continuously Michael's breath of fresh air from the criminal world. We do, however, see a new, darker side appearing in Michael, following the intense torture he underwent last week.
We are introduced to a new character, someone who has maybe the most rightful reasons to hate James. We only see him towards the end of the episode, during which time a piece of his past with James is uncovered, and with this, the reason for his pure hatred towards James. This has caused 'John Doe' to team up with the CIA in order the bring James down.
All in all, there wasn't as much development and the good old special effects as usual which in turn caused the episode to lack suspense and action. It was however still enjoyable, and leaves a pretty good opener for next week, so I for one think that there will be a complete turn around in the pace of the show.
Review by Emma Laarkamp


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