REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E11

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For ages now, we have waited patiently and screamed at the TV screen from the on-stress Pretty Little Liars has brought upon us. If you caught this week's episode another member of the 'A' team or red coat was revealed-we are still trying to figure it out.
The girls have been hot on A's trial for a while now, hence, all the chaos A has been causing to slow them down. A has been busy girl, if in fact it is a girl.
Emily is living with Mrs DiLaurentis while her house is getting rebuilt since the car incident and has come across sleeping bag in Mrs Di's house. Obviously someone has been squatting down there and watching through little peep holes. Aria, Emily and Spencer visited the spot to search for clues, only to hear someone enter the house and Aria nearly loses an eye.
Hanna on the other hand, still has her mother to worry about and with Mrs Hasting forced to drop the case, no one has been able to fill her shoes. A new develop came along this week as Hanna was approached by Travis who claims he was a witness and saw Ashley drive away before the gun shots that killed Wilden.
Remember the photo of Wilden with his arms around Allison and Cece on the boat? Emily has a flashback of Ali telling her about how she helps out friends by breaking up with their boyfriend for them and one actually pulled a gun on her. What if Cece was the one dating Wilden and she killed him because he would not leave her alone?
The episode focused a little too much on their relationships, Aria and Jake are in a happy place but sad Ezra keeps trying to get in contact with Aria to talk about his son Malcolm. At the country western dance, Jake tells Ezra to back off but Aria ends up going to Ezra's place anyway to have a chat. They really need to learn to let go.
It's awkward between Emily and Paige since they called the quits on their relationship but later share a cute dance. While Spencer is worried about Toby getting set up 'A' as he continues to search for answers about his mother's death.
It was great to see girls all at the country western dance escaping from reality even for a brief moment, Aria even showed off pretty skilled line-dancing with Jake but of course nothing can stay happy for long. Also what was with Jake knowing Aria's shoe size? It was kind of creepy, knowing the luck these girls have, he's probably part of the 'A' team.
Cece is back in town and is seen with the red coat then later in a black hoodie. Either way we know she's not trustworthy. Is Cece red coat or have the writers pointed all the evidence at her to distact us? Next week is the summer finale aka #WorldWarA and it's going to be one exciting ride.
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Review by Jessica Tisdell


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