REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E11

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This week's episode was epic, encapturing the very definition of 'being on the edge of one's seat'. The audience was left craving more as the plot thickened on the second last episode ever, with the return of a crazy, homicidal foe, and the final break-up between Michael and the CIA.
The episode if full of tension as Michael's mission with the CIA is coming to an end. For once, the CIA is one step ahead of James, although they are tested to their limits as James' men slaughter the alpha-team.
The alpha-team are not the typical CIA agents however, and are lead by the one and only Simon – the man that attempted to blow up half of Miami, and who Michael personally put away forever, or so he thought. The betrayal Michael felt at this indiscretion of the CIA was the final straw on a long list of wrongdoings by the CIA. Michael finally cracks, and realises his faith in the CIA may not be exactly right – an idea Sam, Jesse and Fi have been trying to instill in Michael for a long time.
Throughout the elaborate schemes Michael is carrying out for the CIA in order to capture James, Michael realises this and then throws the mission, turning his faith to James himself – the very thing his loved ones were afraid of.
This, however, does not necessarily mean Michael has 'turned to the dark side'. As any avid watchers will know, James is confusing – he is portrayed as 'the bad guy', but we see so many good values within him.
All in all, this is a very conflicting and intense episode, with only more tension to come as Michael's friends attempt to reach Michael before the CIA does.
Review by Emma Laarkamp


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