REVIEW - True Blood - S06E08 - 'Dead Meat'

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After a very slow start wherein all of the characters seem to be dealing with the same issues they have for the last couple of episodes, 'Dead Meat' offers us some interesting plot progression as the episode draws to a close.

As is customary with True Blood, we are caught up with where everyone is and how they are faring: Eric is devastated over Nora's death and is angry with Bill; Arlene is still grieving after Terry's death; Lafayette, Holly and Andy are still with Arlene; Sookie is contemplating whether to help Bill; the vampires in vamp camp are refusing their blood; and Sam has returned to Merlotte's and is coming to terms with the loss of Terry as well. 

Of course Sam isn't left to grieve in peace for long, as Alcide shows up and tells him that he has rescued Nicole and her mother from the wolf pack. Sam and Alcide share a bonding moment, and it seems Alcide is finally going to start acting nice again. Hopefully this is the last we have to hear about the wolf pack for the rest of this season, because that storyline just wasn't that interesting. However the revelation about the change in Sam and Nicole's relationship means she may be sticking around for a while...

In vamp camp, Sarah Newlin officially loses it in her quest to eradicate vampires when a businesswoman from Tru Blood visits seeking answers. Terrified that all her hard work will be for naught, Sarah makes sure the woman never gets to tell anyone what she saw. Suspicious that some of the vampires seem to know what's going on, Sarah threatens to torture Steve unless he tells her what he knows. Being the coward he is, Steve caves straight away. Sarah orders all of the vampires who have been refusing blood into the one room (the room Bill has been foreseeing all season), with Jason in tow as Violet says he is hers (this Violet seems pretty crazy and I would not be upset if she dies before the end of the season).

After an episode of Sookie thinking, drinking, talking to her parents graves, and just being generally uninteresting (except for that part where she tells Sam she thought they would end up together, that was pretty interesting, an homage to the books I guess), she finally decides to help Bill. This should come as no surprise to the regular viewer: no matter how much Sookie laments about wanting to be normal and free from supernaturals, she always does the right thing and helps. Even if in helping she agrees that Ben/Warlow can turn her. Though that may no longer be an issue when she and Bill find what Eric has done to Ben/Warlow...

With two episodes to go things are finally heating up, and it seems True Blood may be on track to returning to the show in once was in the early seasons.

Review by Heather Bale.


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