REVIEW - Futurama - S07E21 - ‘Assie Come Home’

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This week’s episode of Futurama, ‘Assie Come Home’, was... okay. It had an easy to follow plot, plenty of familiar faces, and the perfect smattering of jokes and popular culture references to keep me satisfied, but it just wasn’t brilliant. Perhaps my expectations have been too high for this final season, or perhaps this is just why Futurama is ending...

While making a delivery to the criminal planet, Bender gets “bot-jacked”. That is, all of Bender’s parts are stolen except for his eyes and teeth. Fry and Leela offer to help Bender track down the rest of his body. As Bender reassembles himself we revisit some of the more memorable characters of Futurama, and learn why they have purchased the various parts of Bender (which gives us a reminder of how great the show can be).

Of course, as the title of the episode suggests, there is just one part Bender cannot seem to find: his “shiny metal ass”. After going to great lengths to retrieve it, it seems there may be a greater purpose for Bender’s ass, but can Bender part with his favourite piece of anatomy?

This episode had it’s ups and downs (much like the season as a whole), but overall it was one of the weaker episodes this season. As the final season of Futurama draws to a close, I am left to wonder whether I should be raising my expectations or lowering them?

Review by Heather Bale.


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