REVIEW - True Blood - S06E07 - 'In The Evening'

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This week's episode of True Blood, 'In The Evening', dealt with the fallout of last weeks action-packed episode. Although there was some plot progression, it was all very slow. There were two main foci to the episode: Terry's death and the revelation that the Tru Blood supplies have all been contaminated.

Eric escapes from the compound with Nora, requesting that Willa stay behind and warn the others of the Tru Blood contamination. He seeks out Bill in the hopes that Bill can save Nora with his blood, but Bill believes they need Ben/Warlow. To find Ben, Bill needs to find Sookie.

Upon learning of Terry's death all of the humans, including Sookie, have gathered at the Bellefleur mansion to comfort Arelene. This is where Bill finds her, and scares everyone with his day-walking. Bill tells Sookie that unless she helps him, her friends will die (vampire and human - Bill is looking at Andy as he says this so that Sookie understands the threat).

This 'all-powerful Bill' thing is really wearing thin now, so I'm hoping they have a way to either get rid of Bill or restore him to his former self. I know that killing Bill would turn a lot of fans off the show, so my money is on the latter (for the moment, anyway). It was however interesting to see that even though Bill has Lillith's blood he could not stop the Hep V from killing Nora, so Bill does at least have one 'weakness'.

Back in the compound Jason organises for Jess to meet with James (the vampire she met last week) so that she can warn him about the Tru Blood, and then they share a moment. While Jason is guarding the door for the two vamps, Sarah Newlin comes by (uh-oh). She tells Jason that the Governor is dead, and that she is now in charge (she has organised it so that the public does not know of the governor's death, meaning she can call the shots and pretend to be acting on his behalf). Sarah gets the other guards to remove Jason's ID chip, and then throws him in with the female vampires. Tara is there and tries to protect him, but one of the other female vampires claims he is hers. I don't know how Jason is going to fare in a room full of hungry vampires fighting over him, but as long as they fight amongst themselves (or this other vampire is powerful enough to keep him safe), he should be fine. He almost always is...

Speaking of being in sticky situations, let us turn finally to the realm of werewolves and shape-shifters. Alcide returns to his pack to tell them Sam and Nicole are dead. Rikki calls him a liar and produces Nicole and her mother, bound and gagged (earlier that day Sam decided to return to Bon Temps when he learnt of Terry's death, and Nicole was being taken home by her mother). The pack starts to surround Alcide and the two women, so things aren't looking good for those three. Poor Alcide, he finally does the right thing and then something like this happens. I can't predict the fates of the two women, but I am assuming Alcide will escape and perhaps learn a lesson and be Mr Nice Werewolf again. Maybe. It's hard to tell with True Blood, they like to keep you on your toes.

Anyway, that's it for this episode. Given that this season is only going to have ten episodes instead of the usual twelve we are getting pretty close to the season finale, and things all seem to be falling into place: Jason is in the vampire compound ready to help; Sam is making his way back to Bon Temps; the humans are all together; Sookie is on track to help the vampires; the vampires know what's going on; some vampires are on the inside, and some are out. So we know the what, we just need the how. How is Sam going to go getting back to Bon Temps? How will Alcide get out of this one? How will the humans cope without Terry? And how are the vampires going to stop Hep V? Guess we'll have to keep watching.

Review by Heather Bale.


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