REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E05

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Following the last few episode that have lacked the action and excitement until usually around 35 minutes in. Don't get me wrong, Pretty Little Liars is a great show but the endless mysteries and new evidence is gettign frustating.
This week Hanna is still convinced Ashley killed Wilden especially when she goes snooping her mother's locked closet only to find a gun that could possibly be the murder weapon. Hanna reaches out to her friends to help her but of course they are busy trying to solve the whole A thing and Hanna takes matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, Spencer and Emily get there at the last minute before they could prevent Hanna's completely blonde moment that has resulted in her arrest.
Whilst this was all going on, Spencer and Emily work on getting into collage. They visit Cicero College but Spencer spends majority of her mocking the place. Emily on the hand, is desperate to get into college after injuring herself couple weeks ago and has screwed up her chances for Standfors. Em instead flirts a little too much (ahh... did anyone else forget she was gay?) and Spencer is playing Nancy Drew. She ends up discovering the phone in a sorority connected to the number the bird was repeating. Best scene is probably when Spencer approaches a geek on campus and makes Game Of Thrones references to try to relate him.
Aria is determined to get her mother to still go away but Mike convinces Ella to stay. Yes thats right, Mike is finally back. Where has he been all this time? Is Aria's little borther also part of the A team?
Just to quote 'A'-"Looks Like Hanna and Mother could share a lawyer now."
Review by Jessica Tisdell


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