REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E04

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This week’s episode called ‘Face Time’ saw the return of Emily’s father who was called home after Family Services were notified of Emily’s bruises.

Where ever A is, she must really be enjoying the drama. Emily’s family is becoming the centre of attention throughout the town for their new reputation as the dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, for Emily even though she protests that her parents are not hurting her, A seems to be one step ahead.

As for the Hastings family, Spencer announced that she didn’t get accepted into UPenn but Melissa (the so called perfect daughter) has offered to help her sister out. For ages now, we have questioned whether Melissa was involved with A and to what extent. When the girls discovered the mould of Melissa’s face last week, it was just more proof that she was connected. To test this theory, Spencer and Aria decide to return the mould to Melissa in her suitcase and watch for her reaction from an outside window. Just as they expected, Melissa was smart and knew she would lead them to some answers.

Later, Aria and Spencer watch as Melissa retrieves a sack filled with copies of her face moulds and begins destroying them. Spencer approaches her sister and Melissa shares must needed information. According to the frustrated Melissa, she has been involved in past ‘A’ activities to protect Spencer and detective Wilden was the one who started the fire in the lodge. At least we now know Melissa and Wilden were both on the Halloween train but working for different people? They didn’t even know about Mona being there.

You would think the girls would have learnt by now not to lie but no. Spencer is still withholding the fact that Toby was the one who moved Mona’s “lair” and is secretly on the hunt for information on his mother’s death. Toby is lead to a Doctor Palmer who was the doctor who worked with Ms Cavanaugh the day she died but the Doctor’s memory is sketchy. However, he mentions a blonde girl who used to visit. Was it Alison?

Aria finally tells Jake the truth about her last relationship (with Ezra) and claims it’s over. Jake on the other hand, doesn’t believe the Aria and Ezra story is over just yet. “You have to figure out if you’re hurt or injured,” he says.

Wilden’s safe deposit box at the bank is opened and inside is thousands of dollars. Not to mention a gun and passports. “Normal people don’t keep that stuff in safe deposit do they?” she asks the detective. Hanna is determined to keep her mother from going to jail but the conversation backfires. Instead, Hanna’s so-called investigation has created more suspicion towards her family, especially for Ashley.

On a side note, Emily’s swimming carer could be possibly over depending on whether she has to get surgery for her shoulder injury. What happens to the whole Stanford dream?

The episode ends with Hanna expressing her biggest fear… “I think my mum killed Wilden and A knows it.” Personally, I think Ashley is not the killer because it’s way too obvious. What do you guys think?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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