REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E05

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This week’s episode was very much welcomed after a week of absence. All of the explosions and cunning really felt like home. This, combined with the recruitment of Fi, makes the show even more familiar and gives you the feeling it will never end.

This episode centres around a new Russian woman, Sonya, who rivals the wit and cunning of Michael himself. When you add this to the viciously clever policewoman who is after Sonya, Michael certainly has his work cut out for him, but once again, he succeeds in the seemingly impossible task of smuggling Sonya past the entire Russian and Columbian police force, slipping out right under their noses. 

Sam and Jesse are again involved, and although Burke is now gone, their mission continues. Their teamwork and friendship really shine through in this episode, as all of their lives depend on each of them working perfectly together and reading each other. 

Fi is recruited against her will, so even though she is mad about it, it looks like her contact with Michael is going to become a whole lot more frequent, as Michael’s mission takes him back to Miami (yay!). There is a little conflict in what seems right for Fi, as Carlos lets her go lovingly, however, I think everyone would agree with me in saying, it doesn’t matter how nice the guy is, he isn’t Michael.

This episode held true to the brilliant show we have all come to know and love, with big unnecessary explosions, cleverness and lots of deception, and ended with the excellent promise of the return of the old team back together, blowing up things in Miami.

Review by Emma Laarkamp


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