CN Review - Beware The Batman S01E02

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So I was cynical about this show, and I did enjoy the first episode, the second episode not only builds on it, it made me fall in love with this show. We have a new baddie, the femme fatale Magpie, who is a welcome addition to the new range of villains we are seeing on this interpretation of Batman.

The Magpie is a diamond thief who loves shiny things (in particular Batman's belt, draw from that what you will). The competition between the two is worth watching as Magpie proves a worthy adversary against Batman as he cannot defeat her in their first couple of fights.

Jim Gordon is more prominent this week, but is still a lieutenant very early in his career, but he does have a young daughter Barbara so our hopes of seeing Batgirl in this show just got higher! Both characters show an obsession with Batman and discovering who he is.

Tatsu Yamashiro has taken the job offered to her last episode of being Bruce's bodyguard and driver. We see her inquisitive nature, and Bruce determined to put her through a series of tests before he reveals his secret life to her.

The great thing about this show apart from the different Gotham City characters, is the progression of Bruce Wayne's detective skills. Every conversation is starting to feel like an interrogation to piece together character's back stories and this only adds to the show.

If you haven't jumped on to this show yet, make sure you do, this is a MUST for all DC and Batman fans.


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