REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E06

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Last week, Hanna was caught in the act of attempting to bury a gun found in Ashley’s wardrobe. Now Hanna is under investigation with the police and has drawn more attention towards her family. Got to feel bad for Hanna, the girl tries to fix problems but A is always waiting with something worse in mind. Ashley is on edge with the investigation because they have not heard anything and Hanna attempts to process her father’s sudden involvement in their lives once again. Unfortunately, the Marins will definitely need a lawyer after Ashley is arrested for the murder of detective Wilden.

Mona is back and outs Spencer for lying to the rest of the girls about the RV (that Toby traded for info). Naturally, Spencer and Toby find themselves in a mysterious town called Ravenswood to look for Grunwald (the old sorority House mother) who Spencer believes use to call ‘A’ and we get the first introduction to the PLL spinoff series. The place is completely creepy and the townspeople definitely are hiding some huge secrets. The only thing that came of the time spent with Toby and Spencer was keeping the secret search for answers of his mum are coming between the girls.

Emily fell for A’s tricks and now she is also on Tanner’s radar after leaving a DVD (of Jenna and Sharna with Wilden). Little did Emily know is A had switched the DVD with a new one and to Em’s horror ‘A’ is the footage wearing a mask with Emily’s face hold a sign that says ‘Guilty’.

Aria helps the jerk Connor with an English essay, only to have it back fire and is instead slut-shamed at school by him. Even Mike believed the rumour about his sister and was quick to judge her as usual. As strong as Aria’s character is, you get to see her hurt and Ezra who should just leave the girl alone, came to comfort her only to be rejected. Mike actually turns around and apologizes. Although, in a misguided attempt to stand up for his sister, Mike smashes Connor’s car and runs off.

On a side note, Sharna has become a student at Rosewood High and replaces Emily on the swim team. Sharna seems to be everywhere this week at the coffee shop, school and even Ravenswood. Is she helping ‘A’ or got her own plans?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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