CN Review : Beware The Batman S01E01

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Cartoon Network shook things up last year by cancelling two outstanding series Green Lantern and Young Justice. While fans are still campaigning to save these admirable shows (which I totally support and agree with!) the network have pushed on with their two new shows for the DC Nation hour, one of which is titled Beware The Batman, the latest batman reincarnation.

Being the sixth version of Batman on tv, it could have been a little tired and over-played. Fortunately this is a completely fresh take on the dark knight franchise and instead of taking the route of the typical villains and sidekicks, the producers have gone down a different road enlisting Professor Pyg and Mr Toad as the main villains, and a Jason Statham like Alfred who helps fight with Batman.

It all sounds a little strange, but is the greatest adaption of Batman on the small screen I have seen. The characters, in particular Alfred, is very Jason Statham like and the ex-MI6 angle sees a younger, guns-a-blazing character who isn't afraid of getting involved in the action. Professon Pyg and The Toad are serious criminals who have an intent on kidnapping billionaires for ransom. Their use of traditional weapons like small black, circular bombs with fuses add the old school charm with a big bang. Even Bruce Wayne himslf is a young, impressive incarnation who is more Nolan Dark Knight than any previous version.

Animation wise, using the same CGI as the Green Lantern animated series actually suits this show, yes at times it looks a little plastic (ok A LOT!) but the explosive action looks gorgeous with the dark tones and colours of the show.

Overall everything in this show works together to produce one of the finest pilots in animation history. If the show continues to be like the premiere episode, then we can look forward to a fantastic series ahead. If you are a fan of Batman you will enjoy this new Dark Knight, if you like superheroes in general this is still worth checking out.

Review by Alaisdair Dewar


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