Review - Twisted - S01E01-04

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The truth can be a killer.

The ABC Family have done it once again with another drama mystery-thriller series that will be sure to draw you in.

Although not a lot happened in the pilot episode, the storyline has potential for Twisted to become the next Pretty Little Liars minus the runway look. Instead, Twisted is about a boy named Danny Desai played by Avan Jogia from Victorious who as a child supposedly murdered his aunt by choking her with a skipping rope. While, his two best friends Lacey Porter (played by Kylie Bunbury) and Jo Masterson (Maddie Hasson) play in his backyard. It’s pretty messed up.

Move into the future, five years later and Danny has been just been release from juvenile detention. Danny’s father has died on a boat trip and his body has yet been recovered. He now has to struggle with the reality of a whole town automatically hating him because of his past and of course in fear of his presence in the local community. Not even his old friends Jo and Lacey are happy to see him but Danny’s mother Karen really just wants their old life back (played by Denise Richards).

Danny is given nickname ‘Socio’ by the students but his mysterious exterior is attractive to Regina (Lacey’s current best friend). Regina is throwing a party and invites ‘Socio’ aka Danny to come along. With the past still haunting Jo and Lacey who never ever got over what they witnessed, begin to talk again after all the years of ignoring each other. Danny, who has begun to reconnect with Jo, convinces her to come to Regina’s party together. Jo is trying to handle this strange situation in her own way, by getting wasted and just letting go for once.

Although, Danny has won over Jo, Lacey on the other hand is reluctant to be friends with him again.
When Lacey notices a Danny assisting a drunken Jo along the road, she gives them a lift which leads to Lacey stopping at Danny’s house for a chat. A long one to be precise that results in Lacey sleeping over.

Around midnight, Danny receives a message from Regina asking him to cover over (the girl really wants him) but he rejects her proposition. Regina responds by stating that she knows why he killed his aunt. It’s all strange but Danny ignores it and goes to bed. At least, that’s what is implied. Then Regina’s housekeeper discovers her dead body… Was it the Socio?

Friends and family gather to celebrate the life of Regina after the shocking discovery of her dead body. Jo has become annoyed that Lacey with holding important information that I crucial to the murder case-she had slept over Danny’s house that night. I am guessing she didn’t want Archie (her Boyfriend) to have another excuse to hate the guy.

At school, the students are grieving and also questioning the motivation of the murderer. Is it Danny or someone else?

Mr Masterson on the other hand is on a mission to find solid evidence to put Danny in jail for good and keep him away from Jo. Mr Masterson, who has been calling in all witnesses in for interrogation, brings in Danny’s mother and tests a theory. He shows hers a photo of Regina wearing the same necklace (the aunt used to wear before she was murdered) to see Karen’s reaction. She obviously cannot hold a poker face and flinches at the sight.

It was the only thing missing from her body,” Mr Masterson says.

Jo wants to patch things up and convinces both their families to get together for a dinner. Jo’s friend Rico surprisingly doesn’t have a problem with Danny and tags along to this interesting dinner. Mr Masterson takes matters into his own hands and goes snooping around the Desai house for anything that can prove Danny Killed Regina but he is quickly interrupted by Danny himself. The situation quickly escalates as Mr Masterson protests to Jo and Danny hanging out again. Karen defends her son and announces that she is still upset about the Mastersons not allowing Jo to be a character witness for Danny when he was trialled as a child.

Lacey attends a grief support group to mourn her best friend. At first she is angry because all these strangers were claiming to be Regina’s friend. Lacey leaves the group and Pheobe an old frenemy comes to aid her.

Tess tells her husband about a strange coincidence, at the dinner party she noticed a family photo with aunt but at the end of the evening the photo was gone. The episode ends with Danny outside burning photos of his aunt and about to destroy to necklace but doesn’t the will to do it.

In episode three ‘PSA de Resistance,’ the students of Greengrove are learning about teenage sobriety and are given two choices-write an essay on the topic or participate in the play. Most people take the safe choice but when Danny jokes about Jo and Rico’s lack of fun/ evolvement, Jo decides to shake things up. Jo impulsively switches lab groups and teams up Scott/Serita to find out information to help Danny.

Karen gets a visit the Sheriff, Mr Masterson in regards to the missing photograph from the other night at dinner. However, Karen has no idea what he is talking about but comes forward about Lacey staying the night of Regina’s murder.

Jo and Danny offer to help out with Pheobe’s play (that involves Lacey and all her friends) and lacks any enthusiasm. Danny says to Jo that he could write a better script and Pheobe agrees to use it. She also agrees to give Jo the lead role.

When Danny arrives home, Karen is waiting for him and asks him “did you move a photo from the dining room?” he replies no.

Rico is upset with Jo because of her sudden change in attitude. Serita, Lacey’s friend is not the most welcoming girl and is willing to insult anyone, especially Jo. Serita who previously had the lead role is not happy about being replaced by the ‘freak’ aka. Jo. Archie who was supposed to play the male lead ditches it and Danny has no choice but to act also. The play ends with educational video of PSA but Serita switches it with footage of Jo getting drunk from Regina’s party. Upset, Jo runs off stage and Lacey confronts Serita.

Karen and Danny discuss the missing photo once again.

What chance do I have if my own mother doesn’t believe me?” Danny said.

Danny joins the soccer team. Jo and Rico realize that there are flaws in Archie’s alibi. Mr Masterson finds a photo with Aunt Tara wearing the necklace.

Continuing from last week, Jo and Danny work on socialising with the other students. Things work out well for Danny on the soccer team and he proves to have the skills to help them win, although, his team player Archie is reluctant to accept him. Danny and Rico try hanging without Jo, it’s about time Rico got himself a guy friend.

Girls are horrible snarky monsters. Give me guy friends any day.”-Jo said.

Despite Jo’s comments about girls when Lacey’s mother invites her to a sleepover with Lacey and the other girls, she says yes. The sleepover is incredibly awkward and you warm up to Pheobe’s character a lot more but as for Serita, she is still frustratingly mean. Whilst the girls are asleep, Jo brings herself to search through some items that belonged to Regina and discovers a DVD for Archie with footage of him playing soccer. It’s pretty suss. Jo takes the DVD to show the guys but little did she know Serita was awake watching.

Serita tells Lacey about Jo stealing from the box of Regina’s things and Lacey is furious. Jo explains to her that the DVD seemed to imply that something more may have been going on between Archie and Regina. Lacey asks Archie and he says Regina was just helping him out for an audition. I am not sold on Archie’s innocence. What do you think?

As much as Karen has defended her son Danny, you can tell she has been second guessing herself. The episode ends with Karen finding the missing necklace hidden in the cup holder of husband’s arm chair.
Did Danny Kill Regina and his aunt? Or did someone else?

Twisted is a great thrilling show with refreshing friendship dynamics and the character Danny grows on you. His wit and willingness to change his imagine, makes you hope he's not guilty.

Don’t forget to catch this week’s new episode!

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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