REVIEW - True Blood - S06E06 - 'Don't You Feel Me'

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Okay, True Blood may have lost all semblance to the books (which made for a somewhat underwhelming fifth season and a shaky start to this one), but that does not stop this week's episode, 'Don't You Feel Me', from being just as good as some of the earlier episodes. There are deaths and drama galore this week, as well as lots and lots of plot progression!

This episode kicks off with Lafayette, possessed by the spirit of Sookie's dead father, trying to drown her. Bill senses her danger, and since he needs her blood, sends Ben/Warlow to save her. Once that's done Bill tries to summon Ben back, but Sookie won't have a bar of it, and transports them to another plane where Ben is safe from Bill. Ben asks Sookie to tie him up lest he feed off her, which she does. They have a big ol' heart-to-heart, which culminates in the two of them sharing blood and having glowing fairy sex. Odd. I'm sure the significance of this will be revealed soon enough... if there is any significance that is...

Anyway Bill, frustrated that he can no longer sense Ben, turns to Lilith for guidance. Annoyed with her cryptic remarks he has a go at her, and she forbids him from seeking her counsel anymore. Discovering that Jessica has been taken to Burrell's 'research facility' Bill drinks what little he has of Ben's fairy/vampire blood, and goes out in the daylight to kill the governor. Before his death the governor warns Bill that there will be always someone to take his place but Bill, in his arrogance, does not seem to care. Bill just wants to rescue Jessica, but he's not the only one.

Jason joins Burrell's anti-vampire task-force, and just when you think he's in another anti-vampire phase, it is revealed he is doing so in order to save Jessica. Aww. Of course Sarah Newlin knows what he is up to, and decides to make Jason watch while they force Jessica to have sex with another vampire. This other vampire refuses, so Jessica is taken away. The fate of this other vampire is not revealed. Based on the few minutes of screen-time he had I certainly would not object to him being introduced as a new character (and potential love interest for Jessica...).

Elsewhere in the vampire research institute, Eric, after killing some guards with Pam, is forced to watch as they inject Nora with "Hep V" (a strain of Hepatitis deadly to vampires). Just as it looks like Nora is about to die, Eric summons Willa, and they start to make their daring escape... but not before Eric finds out what Burrell's master-plan is, and boy is it good. As we learnt way back in the first episode Burrell purchased a factory in order to bottle Tru Blood, and now we know why: Hep V is being put in every single bottle of Tru Blood. It seems the only option may be to blow the place up, but then there's the problem of all of the vampires inside...

Outside of the world of vampires the tiff between Sam and Alcide finally came to a head this week when Alcide caught up with Sam and Nicole. Alcide demands Sam give him Emma, but thankfully Sam has already given Emma back to her grandmother, who has agreed to take her away from the pack. Alcide is angry (surprise, surprise), but lets them go, warning them to never return. Although they're trying to show that deep-down Alcide is still the same man he used to be, it doesn't stop me from disliking who he has become. The only interesting thing I took from this is that Sam cannot return to Bon Temps (admittedly he hasn't been there much lately). I'd just assumed once the whole Emma debacle was over he would be free to go back. I guess they're not done with the whole Sam-Nicole thing (whatever it is), but I just hope they're not writing Sam out.

Back in Bon Temps Andy finally names his fairy children to make his one surviving daughter happy. She hasn't seemed to age anymore recently (they obviously want to keep her young and attractive), but I still don't understand why they are keeping her around when they so easily could have written themselves out of the rapidly-aging-fairy-daughters hole. Maybe it was more to keep Andy sane than anything else. They don't need another less than stable Bellefleur, not after what Terry has been going through lately.

As regular viewers know, Terry (the other Bellefleur) has organised for one of his army buddies to kill him since he cannot bring himself to do it. Arlene does not know this, and with Holly's help organises for a vampire to come and wipe all of Terry's bad memories. This is done and just when everything is looking up, Terry is shot. In one of the most touching scenes of this season, Arlene rushes to his side and cradles him in her arms while she reminds him of all the good things in his life and sings to him. Terry dies, and Arlene continues to hold him while she sobs. Although this is a somewhat cliched death scene, it still didn't stop me from tearing up. Although Terry and Arlene may not be the most interesting or likeable characters in the show, the love between them felt real and the loss of Terry's character is certainly going to be felt by all.

So, what did you think? A seventh season of True Blood has already been announced, was this episode enough to keep you watching, at least for this season? Or has the departure from the books been too much to bear? Let me know in the comments below!

Review by Heather Bale.


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