REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E03

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This week's episode certainly didn't disappoint, with all the action and suspense of an end-of-season cliffhanger. We are only three episodes into this final season, and already another complex, mystifying and suspenseful plot line beginning to unfold.

Sam and Jesse are incorporated into the CIA mission that Michael is working on in the Dominican Republic, and the audience are, I'm sure, welcoming this renewal of the kick-ass trio that is Michael, Sam and Jesse. This resurrecting of the trio however leads to Micheal pulling the guys into his problems, problems which results in moral conflict, particularly for Sam, as he chooses what is more important - his best friend, or innocent bystanders. There is, however, the gaping absence of Fi that feels like the elephant in the room as she is never mentioned, although, there hasn't yet been the need for a huge, spontaneous supply of C4.

Fi is still a big part of Maddie's life however, and when Maddie calls with trouble from Nate's old 'bookie', Fi resolves the problem in the way only she knows best - a big explosion. There is an all time first for Fi however as she lets Maddie press the button, which results in a priceless look of satisfaction plastered all over Maddie's face.

When Michael is again in a sticky situation (when is he ever not, right?), he uses that good old cunning and connection with his friends that makes everyone laugh and admire him at the same time. There is however the revealing of yet another mystery, but not the mystery itself, just the fact that there is one. This leads to one hell of a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting so much more.

All in all, this episode starts to feel like the good old days of the earlier seasons, with the more prominent roles of Sam and Jesse, and the absence of Michael's facial hair. There is however the missing of Fi, as well as the Miami landscape, and the lack of small subplots that used to be in each episode - Michael is no longer helping people, and in fact, does more killing than helping, which we all know is not Michael Weston's style at all. The reason for this however, is revealed in this episode.

Review by Emma Laarkamp


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