REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E04

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This week's episode was once again, of course, brilliant. The introduction of a new character, and the death of an old one, causes the mystery to deepen, while Sam and Jesse are still wrapped up in Michael's CIA undercover mission and Fiona again feels compelled to help Michael. The episode focuses around a kidnapping in Miami, and the escaping of a woman from a kidnapping in Cuba.
Throughout this episode, viewers begin to see this cover that Michael has taken on envelop him even further, and we are left wondering if the old Michael really still exists as he points a gun at a sleeping child. This change in Michael this season is unsettling and does not sit well, however, that seems to be the aim of this season. Michael's quick wit however continues to be everyone's saving grace as Michael, as always, takes one for the team and endures torture to keep the others safe.
This idea of selflessness is better used to describe Burke, oddly enough. Throughout this episode, viewers are shown a different side of this criminal that causes us to almost feel sorry for and admire him. His love for the people around him, including Michael, is brought out through one very courageous and selfless act.
When Fiona gets a call from Michael for help, she can't help but become involved, and even she doesn't know why. She hides her involvement from her boyfriend Carlos, and instead enlists the help of Maddie yet again. Maddie is getting a taste for the spy life, as a natural talent for this line of work shines through whilst she is helping Fiona kidnap a Russian man.
With the death of one character comes the introduction of another, however, a very brief introduction before she manages to slip through the cracks, with the episode ending upon yet another great mystery.
Review by Emma Laarkamp


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