REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E01

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Beginning straight from where Pretty Little Liars left off last season, Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Mona open Wildon’s car boot, only to find a dead pig? What was that supposed to mean? The only thing we know for sure is A is back and more manipulative than ever before.

Mona helps out Hanna by tampering with evidence to save Hannah’s mother and later hands over the memory chip with the footage. What is this girl’s angle?

Mona also spilled some goss on her secret life as a minion for A, like how she made Lucas and Toby do some of her dirty work for her. Mona was the one who placed Wilden’s car in Hannah’s garage, Shanna is in love with Jenna and they both are afraid of Melissa. For some time, Mona assumed Cece was red coat/Alison and she didn’t kill Ian. Not to mention, Mona takes the girls to her “lair” to gain their trust.

Strangely, Alison’s mother has returned to Rosewood and is moving back into her old house. In one particular scene, Spencer stares out the window only to realize Alison’s mother staring back from her own window. Ahh creepy much?

At school the vice Principal has been keeping a close eye on Aria since she claimed nothing was going on between her and Ezra. Aria is called to the vice Principal’s office and she panics. Luckily, everything was just in Aria’s head.

Paige proposes to Emily that they move away together to California and attend Standford University. Hesitant at first to move across the country, Emily accepts. While on another note, Toby is being caught in a new game with A to find out answers about his mother and a flashback is shown of Toby with Alison which shows they had a “thing”.

In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, the writers have the girls attending another funeral and their mission is to find Wildon’s body because something is in the casket. Spencer and Mona are sent the same message which leads them to the body and a phone rings from inside the casket.

Its also important to mention there was a mysterious woman with a black veil who attended the funeral and later is seen with a mask on playing with dolls that represent each girl. Was the woman with veil the new A?

With such a long wait, it was good to see PLL fans get some answers but at the same time, there are so many more questions.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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