REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E02

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The girls of Pretty Little Liars still have many questions. Why was Hannah’s mother’s (Ashley) phone in Wilden’s casket? Where has Melissa been all this time?

Mona is still trying to win the girls trust but as Aria says “This is Mona; she started lying when she was a foetus”. Mona takes them to the RV only to find its missing…of course. The other former member of the A team Toby is struggling to stay honest as well as A taps into one of his major weaknesses his mother. To find answers Toby has yet again been doing favours for A and although, we are supposed to have empathy for the poor guy, its hard to trust him.

Hannah is conflicted after she discovers her mother’s expensive heels covered in mud. While the police have come out with the news that murderer was wearing heels. Is murderer Ashley or red coat?

Spencer has finally received news from the University of Pennsylvania, a place she has been dreaming of attending as part of her family tradition but is not accepted. She reaches out to Ezra who offers to help Spencer write some essays and apply for other places. However, with A on the loose she is making it incredibly hard for any of the girls to build a future.

On a positive note, we are finally seeing Aria move on from Ezra. After Mona is attacked, Aria feels its about time she learnt to defend herself since she is a small girl after all. The audience is introduced to a possible love interest the attractive fighting instructor Jake played by Keven Santos. As Aria practices with Jake you can clearly see the chemistry and Aria impulsively kisses him during a session. Awkward! Jake later informs Aria he is interested but will there a future for them?

One of the minor developments of the storyline was the talking bird Tippy. According to Spencer the repetition of sounds Tippy was making was a phone number, possibly one Alison called often. This episode was not the most exciting moment of the season but these events are leading into some serious drama. Next week we will see the return of Melissa and more details on Ashley’s involvement in Wilden’s death may just be revealed.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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