REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E01

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Burn Notice, Season 7, kicked off with all of the excitement and action that has characterised this show since its beginning in 2007. Although there are a few noticeable changes, with the absence of the well-known, burn-notice-style captions and the extreme close ups on shirtless men rather than bikini clad women (don’t worry guys, they are still there too), the basic essence of the show still holds true. 

Viewers are shown a much different, darker side to Michael Weston. The show continues on nine months after the season finale, and Michael Weston has taken his ‘deep cover’ to a whole new level. Viewers are confronted with an alcoholic, disgruntled ex-spy who is based in Columbia and fighting to make a living. This, of course, is all a part of a government program which puts Michael in constant, serious danger. This cover has changed him though, with the merciful Michael Weston that we all know killing two people in the first episode. However, this exciting start to the show is not only set in Columbia. The tension is also felt back in Miami, with all of the characters we have come to know and love once again risking their lives to protect Michael. 

Once Sam gets wind of Michael, and the fact that he is in danger, he will stop at nothing to find his friend. This commitment however, almost gets Sam and Jesse blown up half way through the first episode of the season. The audience experiences a devastating blow in the first ten minutes as Fi kisses another guy, implying a long-term boyfriend. Despite this, she is just as fiery and loyal as always, and commits herself to protecting Madeline, who accidently secures Michael’s dangerous fate.

Madeline herself is fighting to get custody of little Charlie Weston (Nate’s son) and the audience is reminded of that gut-wrenching moment when Nate died in Michael’s arms. But don’t worry, it isn’t all sad and dark, there is still an impressive Hollywood explosion and the opportunity to see Michael with a beard. 

Overall, this has been an impressive start to great show…it makes you wonder how it ever got cancelled.

Review by Emma Laarkamp


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