REVIEW - Pretty Little Liars - S04E03

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Melissa is back and the girls have found a mask with Alison’s face on it. The mask leads Hanna, Emily and Aria to a cabin where a strange man creates props for horror films. He explains that Aly wanted to make masks for all of her friends but no one had ever received one.

Caleb finally makes his first appearance for Pretty Little Liars season 4 this week. Concerned for Hanna, he visits Mr Marin (her father) to ask him to support Hanna with the Wilden ‘situation’. Mr Marin shares with Caleb that he was visited by Ashley on the day and coincidently, his gun has gone missing.

A is slowly pushing each girl’s family to the edge by targeting their mothers instead. Emily’s mother, Pam had family services called on her due to a little incident she had with Emily in front of the high school. Not to mention, Emily’s injuries are severely suss and it had the doctor asking a lot more questions about Emily’s life.

Ashley is still behaving weird and omitting the truth, she lied about not attending a show in New York with her colleagues. To Hanna’s dismay she also discovers a map of everyone who is connected to Wilden in the police office which included lines drawn to her friends and mother.

A sends a text to Aria saying “Cleaning up Rosewood, one mean mommy at a time. Dig we must.” As a result of all the drama lately and A targeting their mothers. Aria decides to encourage her own mother Ella (played by Holly Marie Combs) to take a holiday with the guy she has been dating.

As for Toby and Spencer they have been playing detective to figure out what really happened to Toby’s mother the day she died and by visiting Radley. The files about Toby’s mother and the window made the pair suspicious of whether it was a suicide or not.

The girls manage to find a mask with Melissa’s face which is just more evidence proving that she is very much involved. Besides that, this week’s episode was not overly exciting but I guess its slowly building the drama for something tragic occur once again. Toby says A preys on you when you’re at your weakest. What do you think A will do next?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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