REVIEW - Burn Notice - S07E02

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This week's episode of Burn Notice was the show's one hundredth episode, and it sure packed in all of the impact one would expect, with this episode possibly being the most heartbreaking in all of the series. The show starts with Madeline's desire to know if her son is ok getting in the way and making things harder, like always. Her determination is to be admired, but as all fans of this show would know, it is often very frustrating. Her determination however, does result in Michael having to make contact with her, which incidentally worked out pretty well for Madeline. The first heartbreak of the show however happens now when Michael yells at his mother. After Maddie is satisfied that Michael is ok, all she asks for is a hug, and then she lays low for the rest of the show. 

The same cannot be said for Sam, Jesse, Fiona, and Fiona's new boyfriend, Carlos, (who, by the way, looks to be a recurring character). They all begin an investigation into the man that is tracking down Michael, and even if both Fiona and Carlos are helping begrudgingly, they all once again put their lives on the line for a man who they have had no contact with in the past nine months, trusting that they are doing the right thing. The CIA however is following their investigation, sometimes more closely than they are themselves, using Michael's friends as bait and just sitting back and waiting for them to do all of the hard work. This does not sit well with Michael, but he is under orders, orders which eventually cause him to crack. Michael is put in control of surveillance, and watches his friends day in, day out, through a grainy camera lens. Heartbreaking moment number two occurs during this time, as Michael watches Fiona kiss another man and complain about having to clean up after Michael yet again. As Michael watches Fiona, the audience are granted a glimpse into the softer side of Michael, as he reminisces about when he first met Fiona, again adding more heartbreak to the show as we see his love for Fiona is as strong as ever. 

While watching his friends during an operation, Michael sees Fiona get kidnapped by the man who is after him. This causes Michael's burning desire to see his friends to cut more and more deeply throughout the episode, until he gets to the point where he can't take it any more. Once Michael learns that the CIA is planning to use his friends as bait, not caring for their safety or lives, he abandons the CIA and flees to stop his friends entering a death trap, which leads to yet another heartbreaking confrontation between Carlos and Michael. Michael then devises a plan which involves the cooperation of both the CIA and his friends, in order to save Fiona and kill the man who took her. It is at this point that the episode reaches its most devastating. Michael sends a code to Fiona in the form of a childhood anecdote that Fiona had shared with him many years before. Fiona remembers, and we see just a glimpse of that fierce, undying love Fiona has for Michael in her eyes as bullets fly around her. Michael then saves her, and she leaves him with just a brush of her lips against his cheek, and the knowledge that she has moved on, as she walks over to Carlos.

Overall, this was a great, yet heartbreaking episode, with all of the impact and tension that one would expect from the one hundredth episode of a show of this calibre.

Review by Emma Laaarkamp


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