REVIEW - True Blood - S06E02

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What’s on the menu for True Blood this week? A recipe of drama and complete chaos, of course.
The episode begins with Sookie tossing in bed, dreaming about a figure appearing from shimmering air. Assuming this must be Warlow.

Back to Jason’s storyline, he is in the car with a creepy man who he suspects is Warlow but with a strange twist he turns out to be his faerie god father.

Remember Patrick who tried to kill Arlene and Terry but ended up dead in season 5? His wife finally enters the picture looking for her husband in Merlotte’s . Arlene handles the situation by claiming Patick ran away with another woman.

We are then introduced to a new character (a half faerie) named Ben and Sookie takes him in, assisting him with his injuries caused by a fanger. Will he be Sookie’s new victim to fall for her Southern charms? Most likely. It seems just yesterday Sookie was in love with Bill and Eric. Then there is the unspoken feeling for Alcide and sexual attraction. Ben parts ways with Sookie to find the fairy safe house.

Sam is still recovering from his loss of his love Luna who recently died after saving her daughter Emma from Russell Edgington. The wolf pack come for Emma and a fight breaks out. Unfortunately, Sam loses and Alcide walks away with Emma over his shoulder.

Following from serious comments made the Governor that vampires are to stay inside after sun down. He has pretty much asked for a war between the humans and vampires. Eric goes undercover as a geeky lobbyist from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to visit the Governor. How does Alexander Skarsgard still look attractive even as a dork? Eric attempts to glamor the vampire hatin’ governor to let his vendetta against vampires go but little did he know that the Govenor was one step ahead. Apparently, people are now wearing contacts that prevent hypnotising. “Its time for humans to bite back,” the Governor says.

Returning back to Jason’s storyline, the faerie god father informs Jason and Sookie that Warlow is there. The new bad guy is not a force to be reckoned with and has been obsessed with their family for generations. He was the cause of many deaths before but faerie god father has taken on the mentor role. Also hes the king of the faeries which makes Sookie related to royalty. This could help them survive another season or lets just see what happens.

The episode also looks at Jessica and Bill’s relationship; it’s the whole ‘maker’ connection thing. Although, Jess is trying her best, Bill’s mind is elsewhere. One of best parts was Veronica (human) a walking meal delivers her blood to the Compton residence. Bill (or Billith) uses his new powers to twist and snap her body while sucking all the blood out of her. Has Bill really become some kind of god? Lost…without her real maker Jessica prays for all those she cares for (including Jason, Sookie, Pam, Tara, Eric, Sam, Lafayette, Nora, Bill and Hoyt wherever he is).

Bilith can see the future now and he foresees a group of vamps (Jess, Eric, Pam and Tara) in a facility with a large light burning them. I guess the question is will this new Bill do anything to prevent this from happening or has he completely changed?

This weeks episode was not overly exciting but provided us a more information on Warlow and preparing us for what is going to be one hell of a bloody fight. From what I can tell, the writers are running out of good ideas to keep the viewers from declining. As a fan of the truly gory True Blood, it would be nice to see it last at a couple more seasons.

What do you see happening next?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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