REVIEW - 90210 S05E08

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Every time 90210 finds a new way to pull in their audience and there was no except for the 100th episode of the drama series.

This week’s episode had the gang forced to return to West Beverly High, as Naomi is on a mission to win the opening spot on a prestige club for West Beverley women and she will do almost anything to get her way, while impressing the alumna Gwen (Denise Richards). Old enemies also return as a new twist in the story such as Jasper the creepy guy who was a little obsessed with Annie back in Season 2 and lit Liam’s boat on fire, resulting in Liam beating Jasper nearly to death. There is also a pleasant guest return of Annie’s cousin Emily whose life has turned quite good which leaves Annie feeling hopeless over her lack of success or accomplishments over the past two years since graduating. Navid is also back after to fix his wrong doings with Liam and Teddy is flown in town to join the festivities.

The guys and girls swap roles and clothes as a Beverly Hills tradition. Naomi and the rest of girls play a game of soccer which ends with Naomi’s latest enemy, being taken away in an ambulance. Due to this “accident,” Naomi gains the role to hold the banquet which turns out pretty awesome. The alumni event includes Taio Cruz as himself singing at the Playboy Mansion and (how ironic) the burlesque group Silver was dancing for not too long ago. While finishing off the event with a sexy lingerie fashion show that features Naomi herself, as she presents the new improved version of herself and tries show ex-classmates that she is the evil Queen Bee stomping down the halls of West Beverly High like she once was.

This episode also follows up with the disappearance of Vanessa (Liam’s crazy Ex/Manager) as Liam gets a phone from a random that plays the emergency recording of Liam calling 911 and asking for help but later decides not to tell. Annie tries to help him uncover who is stalking him and they confront Jasper who seemed to still hold a grudge against Liam for the old days. Only to find out that Jasper has turned into a film student who only wanted Liam to read over his script.

Teddy tells Silver he has broken up with his boyfriend, who arrives on Silver’s doorstep with a different version. She discovers that her best friend is scared of commitment and so she joins the burlesque group on stage to show that anyone can over their fears. On another bad note, Dixon finally finds out that Adrianna cheated on (which is super awkward because she just signed to be first artist under his record label) and Dixon calls quits on their relationship.
As this was the 100th episode, it was definitely one of the best episodes in this season. It’s fun, dramatic and it has a few twists at the end to keep you hooked ready for next week.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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