REVIEW - How I Met Your Mother S08E09

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This week’s episode the “Lobster Crawl” shows more progress in the final story line. Probably the best news of the episode is Robin begins laughing like a love sick teenage girl once again and Lilly knows exactly what Robin is thinking when she looks at Barney. She wants him, mostly based on the fact that she can’t have him and so Robin desperately attempts to hook up with Barney one last time. Robin spends most of the episode trying to seduce Barney by using several techniques such as dressing up as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), trying to make out with other women and playing a damsel in distress. None of them working out the way she pictures.

Barney on the other hand, is busy starting a business of selling bibs for men called a “BroBib,” that has stylish designs and a tie of course. Since his break up with Quinn, Barney has felt a little lost. He eventually becomes drawn to Patrice (the one person who drives Robin crazy) due to her nurturing side and her love heart shaped cookies.

As for Ted, he offers to babysit Marvin and selfishly takes him out, trying to give Marvin some of his “first” experiences in life. He also had the luck to be the first to witness Marvin crawl and this upsets Lilly. In the end, Marshall and Lilly come to the conclusion that Ted is using Marvin to fill a void (with his architectural work & the lack of a girlfriend).

It looks like the favourite couple Barney and Robin will be back together soon and for Ted’s sake let’s hope a new girlfriend is on the horizon. Then the storyline can move finally forward and hopefully answer the big the question: Who is the mother of Ted’s Kids?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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