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Gossip Girl has seen a major slump in the ratings these last few years, but fortunately The CW have kept investing in the show to give it a 6 season run. After a really short 10 episode run this season the time has finally come to say goodbye to Gossip Girl and celebrate the show that had everyone talking.

 Season 6 has been mostly about the main five that the show started with. Dan, Serena, Chuck, Blair and Nate. Finding out that after high school and college things are not just handed to you on a silver platter and you have to work for what you want in your life.

The finale continues Nate's incessant search to discover the identity of Gossip Girl. He has arranged a board of clues and still cannot identify just who it is. Serena is heading on a plane to Los Angeles and is determined to NEVER come back after Dan's chapter on her in Vanity Fair, Blair and Chuck are still recovering from the death of Chuck's dad Bart.

After years of will they, won't they the wedding between Blair and Chuck is in the first half of the episode, it is a beautiful affair and all the main players are there to witness the event, as well as Cyrus and Eleanor.

A storyline about the police wanting to question Chuck and Blair about the death of Bart falls flat on its face and is an annoyance rather than whatever they thought it was meant to be.

In the second half of the episode we get to see all of our old favourites come back to reel over the news of just who the mysterious all knowing Gossip Girl is. Vanessa, Eric, Ivy, and even Kristen Bell and a guest appearance by Lucy Hale keeps things interesting as the final reveal of the illustrious GG.

If you do not wish to know who GG is stop reading this right now.

Ok so after the big reveal that Gossip Girl is actually Dan Humphrey, things start to make a lot of sense. It is the ultimate outsider story, the tale of a tortured high school student who was a "hipster writer" and wanted to become part of the upper east side. This twist is so deliciously perfect, not only do the people around him question it a little bit, but once they understand they are accepting.

The series finishes with a beautiful surprise second wedding...I will leave you guessing as to who that could be...

It was been a fantastic show and it will be missed.

xoxo Gossip Girl


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