REVIEW - Homeland S2E09-10

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The first season of Homeland delivered scores of intensity and intrigue, however the second has been somewhat lacking. Nonetheless, the last two episodes really turn up the suspense. Some moments will leave viewers incredulous but disbelief is (for the most part) suspended thanks to fast pacing and top-notch performances.

So, ‘Episode 9: Two Hats’ opens with our favourite CIA team thinking Brody is dead – ‘if not physically, then operationally’. Once it’s ascertained he’s alive, the conversation turns to whether or not they can trust him – after all he’s been alone with his former captor for at least 12 hours!

Brody capitalizes on this uncertainty and leverages with what power he momentarily has to make sure his family’s taken care of before he continues on as ‘super-spy’ (thanks Dana!). Nazir has all but threatened them if Brody refuses to follow through with what’s planned for Walden.

Just a quick aside, (insert sheepish side-ways glance), I haven’t really mentioned Peter Quinn up ‘til now – I know, I know, he’s been one of the main players this season - but this week he definitely warrants a mention. It seems Quinn is not what or who he seems (‘Wow! A new theme for Homeland’, I’m sure you’re thinking!).

Anyway, as I was saying, Carrie tucks the family away in a luxurious safe house and enlists the help of Uncle Mike. Of course, Jess takes this as an opportunity to refuel lingering flames. Things could really go up in smoke if Brody catches wind of them; his love for his family is what has thus far kept him from detonating (yes, both literally and metaphorically).

But his feelings for Carrie are what define his behaviour in ‘Episode 10: Broken Hearts’ (more like bleeding hearts!).

Following the foiled eradication of Nazir, the Brody clan is reunited but still in lock-down. Carrie calls Brody to let him know the Attorney General is going to to let him resign from Congress and reject the Vice President bid. Woo Hoo! His duty is done. Or is it? Of course not!

…Carrie has to go and get herself kidnapped. To be fair, it’s a pretty brazen ‘napping, and almost too well-timed to be believable. And who really cares? By this stage, we’re well and truly hooked.

Back at the safe-house Brody gets a video call from Nazir who shows him Carrie – bound and gagged, and demands Brody gain entry into the VeePee’s office to find a box containing the serial number for Walden’s pace maker - this will allow third party access. I won’t give too much more away, but heart-stopping drama ensues!

What did you think of these episodes? What themes stood out for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Review by Catherine Jones


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