REVIEW - 902190 S5E09

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These guys just never seem to have luck when it comes to love. Dixon and Adrianna are no longer together. Annie can never seem to be able to keep a guy. Silver can never make up her mind and the healthiest relationship on the show is Naomi and Max. So this week’s episode picks up from when they showed Vanessa (Liam’s crazy ex) swimming in a pool, very much alive. Liam gets another letter from his stalker but this time they want five hundred thousand dollars. Annie insisted to help him out with her inheritance money. Liam’s new security officer Ashley that has been attending to him is secretly obsessed with Liam and is not happy when Adrianna tells her of Vanessa’s reappearance. Ashley stops Liam mid-way from delivering the money, thinking he wants to rekindle his relationship with Vanessa and arrests him instead to prevent him.

Max is depressed since he lost job to Bryce the woman he hired. Naomi wants help him get back on his feet and, to prevent Max from opening another business with Alec. Max wants Naomi to stop meddling in his career. As usual Naomi already has a master plan up her sleeve, as she invites Navid over and makes a deal. (She will help with his Christmas party if he takes out Bryce and find out who told her to fire Max). Navid and Bryce surprisingly hit it off, and unaware Bryce explains that Alec was behind it all. Naomi confronts Alec and when she hashes out the events, she realizes that only someone in love would go to all that trouble…

As for the rest of the gang, Dixon gets a letter from his doctor and he surprises Annie with the best gift, seeing her brother walk again. Dixon is still angry with Adrianna and is spending much more time with Megan (the girl whose father was in the same accident as Dixon).
Annie has decided she wants to take up writing and gets into a writing program in Scotland. She breaks the news to Riley by buying him a new Surface tablet for Christmas and suggests they could Skype when she leaves. Riley gets upset that she didn’t let him have a say in the matter. This makes Riley motivated to finally take a chance and decides to try surgery so he can walk once again.

Silver is ready to get pregnant but needs Teddy to sign off his parental rights. Like the nice guy Teddy is, he instead offers to be part of the child’s life but Silver doesn’t feel the same. She doesn’t want to have to share and this could lead to war between the best friends.
This episode was the mid-season finale and boy, did the show leave you wanting more. There will be more heartbreak and disaster when 90210 returns next January 21, 2013.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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