REVIEW - Elementary S1E08

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After a mini season break, Sherlock Holmes is back but far from firing on all cylinders. It is unfortunate that just has the series was building up some momentum, concerning the revelations about Sherlock’s past, we’ve had a two-week gap to endure between episodes. And unfortunately, this episode is unable to pick up where the previous episodes left off. It also decides against picking up any of those loose threads that have been left hanging but instead adds one or two new ones of its own.

The latest mystery to land at Holmes’ doorstep sees him called in to investigate the bombing of a web design company, which has caused the deaths of two employees. The case also takes in a PR firm with a dubious history, a group of animal rights activists and a missing company man. All the while, Watson is beginning to plan for the end of her companionship with Sherlock by finding a suitable sponsor who can see him through the rest of his rehabilitation.

The mystery at the heart of the episode struggles to truly captivate and offers nothing new to the series. However, the one really interesting component is getting the chance to see Sherlock use some of the skills and techniques that we have seem him practice and hone during the course of previous episodes. This is where the episode is at its strongest as although the mystery is none too taxing it is fun to see Sherlock deploying a variety of methods to crack it.

Meanwhile, Watson’s search for a sponsor is a rather unnecessary and slightly disappointing subplot. Just as it appeared that the relationship between Sherlock and Joan was starting to open up following on from the “Irene” revelation, everything seems to be have swept under the carpet. This is a little frustrating as it makes the writers appear to going around in circles, especially as there is still a long way to go in the season and I assume there will be some way of keeping Sherlock and Watson together. We are also introduced to the character of Alfredo, who Sherlock picks out as a potential sponsor, but whether he is a character with any genuine mileage is up for debate.

Former House star Lisa Edelstein makes a guest appearance and does her best to liven up her role but it is severely underwritten and feels like a waste of her talents. Jonny Lee Miller is the undoubted star as his Sherlock carries the episode in a whirlwind of energy and high-powered reasoning. Hopefully future episodes will return Watson to a more prominent position after being sidelined this week.

So, this is steady stuff but with a lingering feeling of “must do better”.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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