REVIEW - Glee S4E09

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Picking up from last week’s incident (Marley passed out during sectionals), the New Directions get disqualified for leaving the stage mid-performance, leaving way for the Warblers to win. As a result of losing, Principal Figgins gives the Glee Club room to Sue Sylvester for the Cheerio’s and Finn has no choice in the matter. Sue gets her undying wish-Glee club is over until next September. Tina and the other Glee members waste no time placing the blame on Marley and they all disperse into new clubs. Artie plays the drums for the marching band, Tina and Blaine join the Cherrios, Ryder and Jake join the basketball team, while Wade (Unique) joins the floor hockey team and Joe discovers there is an interfaith paintball league.

A new romance blossoms between Sam and Brittany. They sing a duet ‘Something Stupid’ and share a kiss. Brittany asks Sam to choose between a VIP dinner date at Breadsticks or rehearsal for the Holiday Concert.

In New York, Rachel is hoping to gain a spot in the Winter Showcase and to her surprise she actually does, making her the first freshman to participate in 7 years. As Rachel’s journey continues at NYADA, she begins to stand up against Cassandra and they have a dance-off with the classic Broadway song ‘All That Jazz’ (from Chicago). In the end, Cassandra may still be the better dancer and Rachel admits it but believes she is the better singer. 

While Kurt begs for another audition into NYADA, Carmen rejects him. At the Showcase, Rachel kisses Brody and blows the crowd away with her voice. Carmen calls Kurt to the stage to prove he deserves to get into NYADA once and for all. He gets a standing ovation and Carmen finally looks happy that Kurt has shown his true potential. Rachel calls Finn to remind him that it was the love of music and people (people like Puck and Artie getting the chance to be friends and the romances) that made the Glee Club.

Back at Mckinley high, Marley apologizes for being insecure and Finn is determined to bring the glee club back together through song. Kurt gets his a letter from NYADA and he gets in! The ‘Swan Song’ episode is a great episode filled with drama and new beginnings. It just proves that the Glee Club is not going anyway, anytime soon.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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