REVIEW - The Walking Dead S03E20

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Something special was going the be needed to follow in pursuit of last week’s brilliant episode, and fortunately, the show’s makers have an ace up their sleeve. That ace just happens to be the long awaited first encounter between Rick and The Governor and it is certainly well worth the wait!

The two groups are brought together when their two leaders try to discuss a potential truce. However, The Governor has other things on his mind.

This episode may contain less action than some others but it makes up for it with wonderful character moments. The scenes between Rick and The Governor are wonderfully executed with terrific central performances from Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey.

Elsewhere, Andrea continues to be torn between the two groups, Merle continues to prove to be hard to handle and Glenn and Maggie get the reignite their relationship.

The episode ends on an ominous note as The Governor makes his intentions clear and Rick prepares his group for the tough times that ahead.

With so much praise lavished on the production design and effects team during the course of this season, this is a chance for the whole cast to come to the fore and showcase their talents. Thanks to an excellent, they more than meet the challenge to ensure this is another captivating piece of television.

There are only 3 episodes left this season and everything is in place to deliver a gripping climax to an extremely high quality season.

Review by Jonathan Gray 


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