March Madness - The Carrie Diaries

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Sex and the City fans, you don’t have to suffer anymore! Your show hath returned in the form of a slightly more teen-fuelled Carrie. She’s younger, but still faaaabbulous and sexy – (but shhh, don’t say it cause she’s under-aged).

Or at least that’s what I would say if this show was, well, any of those things. The plug for this show had me going, I must admit. Having grown up on a steady diet of Sex and the City and pizza at girly sleepovers as a teen, I thought: ‘yes, another excuse to watch more junk food of the mind television that you hate to love, because really if you have an XX chromosone, it’s mandatory.’

However, this show turned out to be another lazy attempt to ride off the back of a good show that did well back in the day. Aside from the fact that 80’s fashion is kind of in right now, this show has nothing going for it. Teenagers will find it boring, because it’s not different or cutting edge like ‘Girls’ or ‘Skins’ and fans of ‘Sex and the City’ will find it boring because it’s too pre-menstrual – there’s just no sex. The characters are a bit too whiny and unrealistically naïve, making it all a bit after-school special.

Not too mention some basic stuff ups (this will show how much a hardcore Sex and the City fan I am), but in the show Carrie’s Mum has died and her Dad is still alive. But in ‘Sex and the City’ her Dad was the one who died when she was very young.

Then there’s the lazy and constant 80’s pop culture references, (Crowded House, Motley Crue, high-waisted jeans – it’s the 80’s we swear!).

This show is just one example in a long-standing fight against original programming and the plight to insult viewers with blatant numbers-hungry television.

Review by Jemma Nott


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